Internet Booking Engine

Our flexible and effective booking solution provides intuitive access to availability and reservations in TravelPass, standard e-ticket and ATB with automatic pricing and ticketing capabilities.

Using a standard browser on any device, the user can:

  • Search by availability or best price (using Calendar)
  • Combine product and fares matrix
  • Price and purchase an itinerary
  • Choose between TravelPass or E-ticket
  • Update personal profile / preferences
  • Receive e-mail or SMS receipt

The solution supports campaigns for closed user groups, offers easy integration to 3rd party systems, and support for travel managers.

A corporate tool targets corporate customers, with enhanced features like single sign-on from corporate extranets and support for travel policies. Cost centers, project numbers, and more, are exchanged and transferred to the credit card company.

A travel agent tool has access to customer profiles, and maintenance of travel policies.

The Internet Booking Engine user interface utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive adaption to mobile, tablet or computer screens. The system communicates in real-time with the airline host system though XML messaging.

Reservations made in Global Distribution System are validated in real time against a comprehensive customer/product database.

Upon departure, passengers traveling without booking are validated and accepted instantly. Boarding information is processed and results in sales and flown transactions reported back to the airline revenue accounting system.

Statistics and ad hoc reporting are provided through the dedicated data mart.