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Reztic is a specialized booking- and e-commerce solution for parks and resorts. One single, cross vertical solution for your customers to buy tickets, activities, meals, shows, accommodation and ancillary products.

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The Reztic applications

Three Reztic key benefits

Cross vertical platform

Reztic blends products from different industries like shows, hotels, ticket and more, into one, integrated system.

Direct distribution

Use the web to sell all products directly to all your guests, with no need for expensive agents or intermediary sales channels.

Improving cash flow

Move sales online, prior to venue arrival. When selling main gate entries combined with limited capacity products, the Reztic customers experience earlier payment for such packages.

Commercial engine

The Reztic web app allows park and resorts guests to book and buy any product, be it admissions, shows, accommodations or any ancillaries, in one, single user session. All products are set up and maintained by the staff in the admin tool, as well as business rules for up-sales triggers, dynamic packaging and dynamic pricing and more. By utilizing the admin tool features, the staff can meet the shifting market demands and optimize commercial performance throughout the day. The commercial engine Reztic is built to improve business performance, as well as user satisfaction.

Reztic is an invisible, enabling technology putting the venue Customer first. The Customer owns all products, customers and branding. Reztiuc is Software as a Service, delivered from a Private Cloud with dedicated resources for maximum performance and security compliance. It is easily integrated with the Customers CMS as well as third party vendors, such as PMS, PSP and ERP systems.

Technical architecture

The Guests’ booking application includes a mobile-web enabled booking engine including manage-my-bookings for guests.  It has customer profile management and booking confirmations by email. The application is also available as Reztic Elements, widgets for CMS inclusion.

The Admin tool allows staffs’ product administration, prices and price level management, capacity management, package definitions and configuration, cross-sell and up-sell management. It also provides insight through statistics and reports.

The Call center portal enables customer service representativesto make individual bookings, group bookings, changes and refunds as well as allocation and re-allocations of seats, events and dates. The customer service representatives may look up all bookings and profiles to fulfill the guests needs of assistance.

The On-premise applications include Reztic Point-of-Sales (POS) and Access gates (turnstiles) as well as an Android ticket scanner and validator app.

The Sales and Customer Database carries Customer profiles, Accommodation bookings, Tickets and ticket status, Season cards, Payment data and General ledger reporting.

The Product Database includes Product and package definitions, Text and graphics, Pricing engine, Packaging engine and a Cross-sell configuration matrix.

The Inventory Database contains Occurrences definition, Capacities definition, Price levels, Seat-map definitions as well as an Availability engine.

The Integration Layer includes integrations for Mobile app, Accounting system, PMS, Carpark, Data Warehouse and Payment provider.

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