Turn ticket buyers into travel subscribers

For repeat travelers, subscription is the way to go. TravelPass enables airlines to offer prepaid trips, unlimited trips and pay as you fly to their frequent customers. Travelers experience outstanding flexibility and corporate buyers enjoy cost efficient travel management. Embracing subscription products helps airlines maximizing high yield revenues and allows them to compete on more than just price.

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TravelPass subscriptions are available as

Three TravelPass key benefits

Loyal travellers

With a subscription, the decision made, and customers can settle in with TravelPass.

Reduced distribution cost

Save money by moving from indirect to direct channels, and start building first-hand relationships with customers.

Improving high yield

Strengthen ties to your most profitable customers.

Easy setup and maintenance for Airlines

For Airlines, setting up and maintaining TravelPass is easy. Using the web administration tool, and in only a few steps, the new product is published to the desired markets and segments.

Customers wishing to buy a TravelPass, go to the Airline’s webpage and select their preferred TravelPass product(s). When the product(s) has been purchased, it’s ready to be used straight away with no further payment processes.

Simplified travel management

Traditional Corporate travel management is both time consuming and costly. With TravelPass, the whole process is easier, quicker and more efficient. TravelPass enables more accurate budgeting and cash flow forecasting, together with better expense management and travel policy compliance. Not only does this reduce the overall cost of travel for the corporate, it also significantly helps the corporate discharge its duty of care responsibilities towards its employees.


Integrates with major industry PSS systems

TravelPass integrates with major industry PSS systems, including Amadeus and Sabre. A wide range of supporting functionality is available in a menu of parameters and options. The system has been proven through more than ten years of operation.

The illustration shows a typical integration (blue areas are included in the TravelPass product). Other related resources, like PSP, loyalty and customer databases are integrated according to the airlines’ requirements. TravelPass’ library of connectors and web services is built to fit into airline industry systems. The enterprise class software platform, including latest web service APIs and message driven architecture, supports modern integration frameworks, keeping implementation to a minimum.

TravelPass Subscription Engine illustration


Hosted service with 24/7 support

TravelPass is offered as a hosted service, meaning that the airline doesn’t need to install or maintain software, hardware, or go through complex implementation projects. We offer hosting in a private cloud environment designed specifically for running TravelPass.

Our standard offering includes premium data center facilities with global coverage, secondary site with real time data replication, single point of contact 24/7 support, and SLA with uptime promise and all necessary licenses.

For the airline this means short implementation time and the option to start off with no initial investment and grow gradually as needed.

Software as a service

Web administration tool

Create and maintain complex products the easy way

The web administration tool allows the airline to create and maintain different products for both your public and corporate clients. This is achieved using a web page with login credentials. The tool provides different business logic that can be configured according to the airlines’ needs, and a wide range of functionality is available in menus of parameters and options.
Reports and statistics are also available for viewing in the browser or export to Excel or other formats. Access to travel history is available online for the traveler as well as the travel management function for each corporate client.

With this flexible tool, new products can be created and offered in only a few steps.

Administration tool TravelPass

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